About Dumaine Precision

Dumaine Precision offers clients the highest quality surgical instruments. In addition, our restoration facility offers full restoration of your existing instruments.

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Surgical Instruments

Why Dumaine Precision?

 We restore surgical instruments others can’t

We often restore surgical instruments that are consistently categorized as “beyond repair” by others. In many instances we are having to remedy previous restoration attempts by other companies. Our staff consists of experienced technicians and machinists who specialize in the restoration of medical instruments.

 Guaranteed Service

All our services and products are backed by a guarantee. If any of our restored surgical instruments fail to meet your expectations, we will correct it at no additional cost. Learn more…

 Commitment to Service

We strive to serve our clients by offering competitive prices, quick turn-around time and great after care support.


 Our Facility

Our comprehensive facility has been structured to enable performance of all aspects of restoration. We work with state-of-the art precision equipment and tooling, and our personnel relations philosophy is based on rewarding uncompromised excellence and effective positive communication.  With our extensive experience acquired since 1997 in the restoration of a vast range of surgical instruments and accessories, we look forward to resolving your instrument restoration needs today!


Our Team

Our team is composed of exceptional individuals who demonstrate extraordinary abilities and a desire to be part of an enterprise that is dedicated to offer the health-care community remarkable services, innovative products and hands-on involvement in terms of specific assistance to personnel engaged in bio-med, sterilization, surgery, nursing and others.



Can you do basic repairs only without a complete restoration?

A nearly-new instrument containing only a broken or damaged component will likely require very little restoration, thus the cost of restoration will be negligible beyond the cost of repair. Also the cause of component failure must be taken into consideration as it could be the result of misalignment or other underlying factor. Few medical professionals would likely appreciate the need to employ a less-than-perfect instrument as a result of a cost-reduction effort. We believe that any job worth doing is worth doing properly; consequently we refurbish all instruments, and yet keep our prices extremely competitive.

Can you put a rush on our order?

We consider all our service requests as ‘RUSH’. Our couriers are trained to expedite delivery with absolutely minimal delay. Further, our internal handling is based on sequential operation as opposed to holding back instruments for batch processing. We DO NOT – however – condone ‘rush’ workmanship. Should a particular instrument be delayed pending receipt of a special component, we will not hold back delivery of the balance of the refurbishment order.

Can you make custom modifications to an instrument?

In many cases, yes. Specify precisely the requirements you have and we will issue a cost quotation for your approval and authorization to proceed.

What if we are not totally satisfied with the quality of refurbishment of an instrument? What if it doesn’t have the same ‘feel’ as it originally did?

Our full satisfaction warranty applies. Should any refurbished instrument fail to meet your full satisfaction, notify us. At no additional cost we will call for and correct any outstanding defect relating to this instrument.