Surgical Instrument Restoration

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At Dumaine Precision, we specialize in a state-of-the-art restoration process focusing primarily on complex surgical instruments in the following areas.

  •   Laparoscopy
  •   Endoscopy
  •   Micro Surgery
  •   Urology

In particular, we are committed to offer:

  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts and inserts with original or finest available quality replacement components
  • Expert quality workmanship on all aspects of restoration
  • Restoration of all makes and types of surgical instruments
  • Restoration of instruments categorized as “beyond repair” by others
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with a full 90-day warranty on all work done

Our extensively-trained instrumenticians work with state-of-the-art equipment to restore your instruments to once-again offer 100% of the design serviceable life.

We are fully capable of restoring all makes of instruments, including those specialized for ENT, maxillofacial, gynecology, orthopedic, ophthalmology, urology, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, vascular, cardiology, neurology, pediatric surgery, general surgery and many others.

We are completely equipped to restore all endoscopic instruments, and we maintain an extensive inventory of replacement parts for almost all manufactures of these instruments.

Please note that should you require restoration of a multi-component instrument, i.e.: cystoscope, uretheroscope, etc., please send us the complete assembly. It is vital that any repairs that we make conform to the combined overall function of the instrument.

With our extensive experience acquired since 1997 in the restoration of a vast range of surgical instruments and accessories, we look forward to resolving your instrument restoration needs today!